Wednesday, July 29, 2009

morning commute, typical routine, crossword, headphones

There are days that I wish I could get away with photographing my fellow passengers on the train. But I know I can't, especially some of these characters, and especially in some of these parts of Harlem. I pretty sure these are the lyrics...

"Every time you look away
I see tomorrow morning
Breaking at the edge of day
On distant shores of mind
Makes me feel so far away
You tune out without warning
Tell me what you've seen today
Show me that secret life
And make this evening bright
Show me that secret light
I know you fight against the shadows
You're looking for the light
but you can't find the window now..."

-"Look Away", The Apples in Stereo

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Emergency Party at Glasslands, July 18, 2009

After entirely too long we got to see Emergency Party play a show at Glasslands in hipsterburg last night. I eyed a few video cameras and was appreciative someone already posted the clips to youtube. A big thanks to spotoboy whoever you are. Here are two tastes of the rock that rolled last night. We were hoping for a loud, fast, and slightly bombastic performance. As always, we were anything but let down. Love the Emergency Party. The sound quality on these is a bit crazy, but you'll figure it out...

Emergency Party:
Frosty - bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
Noel - drums, vocals
Gian Carlo - guitar, keyboards, minidisc samples, vocals

Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Bloom: Aesculus parviflora

Aesculus parviflora:
-commonly called bottlebrush buckeye
-hardy is USDA zones 4-8(9)
-can get 8-12' tall x 8-15' wide
-certain specimens have gotten as big as 15' x 27' (Birr Castle, Ireland)
-dark green leaves provide medium-coarse texture in summer
-good yellow fall color if well situated
-excellent part-shade woodland plant
-more pest and disease resistant compared to other common Aesculus
-multi-stem habit and upright stems provide good texture in winter garden too

Saturday, July 4, 2009

sneak peak

Last weekend my fiancee and I went out east to check out our favorite and most promising wedding venue to date. So here is a little sneak peak. The hope is that a destination wedding in Montauk will get our dearest friends and family to travel from far and wide to join us for a most sensational celebration.
as always, click images to enlargeSo perched on Montauk Lake is a small private club that we hope to be able to rent for a September wedding in 2010.
We love the old, grand character of the property and buildings and how it is positioned right on the water.
There is a little lower lawn down at the water's edge.
Typically people have their ceremony on the upper lawn and we would probably do the same. Everyone there was super accomodating and open to our suggestions of different ways things could be done.
On one side is the bar where the cocktail reception would be following the ceremony.
And then on the other side is the dining room and a tent would be set up on the lawn to make sure there was enough room for ample eating, drinking, and dancing. ...'cause those of you in the know know how we are going to throw down!
The interior had great woodwork and again, an older stately elegance that got us really excited.
The dining room...
...full of light and so comfortable.
Out on the adjacent docks the views were killer. Spot for wedding photography: check!
We stayed out through the sunset and had ourselves a five course tasting prepared by chef Mike. The food was to-die-for, and that pretty much sealed the deal in our minds.
Now we're just waiting to see if the dates work out. We hope, we hope, so keep your fingers crossed for us. And hopefully we'll see you in September of 2010 for a damn good time! xoxo, us

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

morning commute, crowded train, staring at the floor, headphones on...

Interpol - "Not Even Jail"

I'll lay down my glasses
I'll lay down in houses
If things come alive
I'll subtract pain by ounces
Yeah, I will start painting houses
If things come alive
I promise to commit no acts of violence
Neither physical or otherwise
If things come alive
I'll say it now
I'll say it now
Say it now
Oh I'll say it now
Cause I want it now

When personality is scarred tissue
We travel South if it's use
I'm subtle like a lion's cage
Such a cautious display
Remember take hold of your time here
Give some meanings to the means
To your end
Not even jail

We marshal in the days of longing
We tremble like anyone's children
And wait to watch the fire
Repairing on the side of caution
Betraying no other symptom
But girl you shake it right
I will bounce you on the lap of silence
We will free love to the beats of science
And girl you shake it right
I'll say it now

Oh but hold still darling your hair so free
Can't you feel all the warmth of my sincerity
You make motion when you cry
You're making peoples lives feel less private
Don't take time away
You make motion when you cry
We all hold hands
can't we all hold hands
When we make new friends

I pretend like no one else
To try to control myself
I'm subtle like a lion's cage
Such a cautious display
Remember take hold of your time here
Give some meanings to the means
To your end
Not even jail

it's been a solid week of amazing people making stupid mistakes in my world. getting sick of it. perfection does not guarantee an easier life. being responsible does not mean your selling out on life. we get the life we get and we do our best to make it the best life we can, for ourselves and those we love. deep down no one wants to hurt the ones they love. and i don't want to judge those i love, but such dumb hurt, ah, bullshit...