Sunday, November 15, 2009

cute Ea pics of the day

my little niece is just over 21 months old now and cracking us up more and more every day. these are a few quick shots from our pre-Thanksgiving turkey din in Bushwick.

we love that both of our nieces first recognize us as a single entity and not necessarily as two separate people. Janaya for a long time simply referred to us as "Krissyalex". "Where's Krissyalex?" "C'mon Krissyalex, living room!" and now Ea has formed her own version Alexkrissy. She keeps telling Gian and Jen "I miss Alexkrissy". We obviously have to get them over here for play date soon. As those of you know, they grow up so fast!
note: baby bottle and string of pearls. ...oh, what a character.

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