Friday, September 17, 2010

Image of the Day: Brooklyn Tornado?

Last evening about 5pm or a little after a tremendous storm rolled through Brooklyn and Queens. I didn't realize the magnitude of the storm until my mother called to make sure we were safe, having just heard that a woman died on the Grand Central Parkway only miles from our little shanty. So as you can imagine the papers were littered with shots of downed trees from Park Slope to Bayside. But the most powerful image came from a couple genius friends who work for the Parks Department. The question was whether it was a tornado or not, and much debate followed. At least two funnel clouds were identified. Either way, and whichever side of the political spectrum you tend towards, this increase in intensified storm activity and unstable environmental conditions is the result of climate change and global warming, it has to be! Geesh, what are we doing to this world? What kind of environmental change are we going to see in the course of our lifetimes?'s mindblowing.

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