Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pics of the Day: trampoline boarding!

It was May of 1996. Living in Colorado Springs and studying anthropology and art at The Colorado College I met an amazing array of people. One such adventurous soul was Robert S. Pokorney, or Bob for short. Bob was on the verge of becoming a full-fledged pro snowboarder, his skills only outmatched by his refreshingly positive and humble attitude, typically rare in the world of "action sports". Years later I would repay the favor by getting him hooked on my favorite board sport, surfing, and to date we remain great friends and travel companions. But looking through some old shots recently I realized in all the years since I haven't seen anyone do this. Behold, trampoline boarding!
It was a warm spring day and we didn't bother trekking into the Rockies for one of our usual slope-side jaunts. Instead after brunch Bob found a trampoline set up in the quad and instantly got thinking. An old skateboard deck, a pair of Simple sneakers, and a roll of packing tape later he had it, a perfectly good tramp'board.
Only someone like my friend Bob would....
But then again, it was because he had incredible skills, of balance, and height, and control,
and could pull off crazy inverted moves like this! Go Bob.
...crazy man, genius.

photos by Rich Feleppa

Colorado College,
Colo. Springs, CO
May, 1996

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