Thursday, November 25, 2010

Notes from Around Town: NY Aquarium

For Thanksgiving my family gathered at my brother's place in Brooklyn as we've done for a number of years now. Much of the cooking was done the day before so once the turkey was stuffed and in the oven there wasn't much to do. My family isn't the kind of group to sit around so we decided to drive down to Coney Island and go to the NY Aquarium for a few hours.
The traffic outside was not ideal and it was the kind of day that staying inside and doing nothing was plenty inviting. But the folks were pushing for an adventure so my little niece Ea and I jumped in their car with them and in relatively no time we were down in the heart of Coney Island, just a stone's throw from the Cyclone, and entering the NY Aquarium. Open every day of the year my dad thought that it would be nice and quiet and he was right on target. Aside from a funny group of French speaking Canadians and a few hyper local teens excited to be away from their families for a few moments we had the place to ourselves and it was fantastic! We all had a wonderful time exploring and being wide-eyed kids again. Granted in the winter they have a few exhibits closed for renovations, but there was still plenty to see and marvel at.

Here are a few pics from our adventure under the sea. Of course in retrospect I wish I had recorded names and species, etc, but chasing after a very cute and very excited 2-year old I was clearly playing more the roll of uncle than geeky blogger guy. But I will definitely go back as my wife is now dying to go, and as I urge you all to check out. go to

it turns out my camera actually has an "aquarium" setting which I always thought was hysterical but it definitely helped me to get some great shots so I guess I'm not knocking it anymore!

Props to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the NY Aquarium, Canon cameras, and days off with family to adventure! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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