Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunrise Series: Astoria, January 27

New York City woke to another fifteen inches of snow this morning. Knowing there's no such thing as a snow day in public horticulture I packed my bag full of calories and keys and coffee and began the pre-dawn trek west towards Manhattan Island. Laid up the last couple days with a shot back, my body was quick to remind me I might not be as mended as I had hoped. No trains came and after long enough that was it. As valiant souls continued to cram the platform I retreated. As I did the sun began to rise.

The emerging sun hitting the faces of the buildings along the avenue shone bright and radiant through the frozen street.
Thanks to the fanciness that is my new iPhone I posted the above pic to the book of faces and named it "Beautiful Nightmare".
They say this is New York's snowiest January on record. Can't argue that one. I paused to appreciate the spruce and London Planetree in front of St. Joe's. Nature: 1, Man: 0

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