Saturday, February 26, 2011

Must Read: The Wave by Susan Casey

"The Wave" by Susan Casey, Doubleday publishing, copyright 2010

This was a gift from my boss back during the holidays, and I can't tell you what an informative and enjoyable read it proved to be. In The Wave Susan Casey talks about our fascination with the ocean and waves and how we ultimately have no idea of the real power that is out there. Usually surf writing can be pretty lacking but in this case I thought the book to be smart, well-written and scientific enough to be captivated the whole time. From personal insights into living legends like Laird Hamilton to the research trips deep within the depths of Lloyd's of London Casey paints a complete picture of the ocean as it really is, vast and complicated and more powerful than we can imagine. Certainly I would recommend this to any of my fellow surfers but more I would recommend it to anyone who has ever stared in awe at the sea, swam in it's strong embrace, or wondered what the ocean is capable of. The Wave begins to give us a little 21st Century glimpse, and you can practically smell the salt spray. I needed a good read to get me through the frigid winter months when my 4/3 just isn't warm enough and this was just what the doctor ordered. Definitely check it out.

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