Friday, October 28, 2011

tree ID: Acer saccharum (sugar maple)

Sugar maples (Acer saccharum) are always such a beauty in the fall landscape. This tree is definitely one of the reasons we live and love the northeast this time of year.
I first learned to love this tree in high school up in Vermont at the Mountain School where we would manage a sugar maple forest and make our own maple syrup right there in the woods. Now years later and in a city of millions I am still so elated by this species when I see it. Sugar maples get to 60-75 feet tall and at maturity have a great variable bark that is filled with plates and ridges of dark bark. And as you can see it is almost unparalleled in terms of it's fall color. One tree will be a spectacular wash of green to yellow to orange to red, all vibrant and on the same tree!
hardy in USDA Zones 4-8
buds are imbricate, cone-shaped and sharply pointed, gray-brown, glabrous

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