Friday, February 3, 2012

great day for hawks in the park

In the north end of Central Park today we were lucky to have a bunch of great hawk sitings. This first guy was so hidden in the landscape my friend had to point him out to me. I don't know my hawks well enough to figure out what kind he is, but I was very thankful he let me get a couple good shots of him, even if only on my camera phone.

He really could have cared less about us, for there were a lot of squirrels out that were just as oblivious as I. Did I mention it was lunch time?? ;-)

This other one I couldn't get such a good shot of. He was picking over a pigeon that was clearly his midday feast. I admit I'm not even that much of a birder but the hawks of Central Park are so wonderful to watch. Isn't their camouflage just amazing!?!

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