Monday, June 4, 2012

the great American Elm, revisited

 Recently I got a great email from an arborist up in Maine.  Earlier in the year, Michael would tell me, he was down in my neck of the woods helping with a tree survey conducted every few years for the USDA to scout for the Asian Longhorned Beetle.  Sure enough I totally remember those men and women as they were in the north end of Central Park which was my "office" and climbing trees I had longed to climb for years.  Michael and two other arborists would get to climb this magnificent American elm and so I wanted to show him all three shots I took that day back in March.
Michael, the one I posted before is this first one, slightly cropped, just FYI.  Let me know.

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Michael said...

Alex...sorry for the caught up with me for a few months after I got back from my awesome Central Park/NYC adventure. The first shot is fine...what a wonderful sight! If you have it in the original format/size ill take it. I'm gonna crop it and try to keep it as large as possible with out suffering pixelation hopefully.

FYI...I think your blog rocks and rock on with your dedication to the field.

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