Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a magnificent compliment

"The Nook"
5" x 7"
mixed media on fiberboard

Before starting this new venture of selling my artwork via the internet I sent a few "test runs" to specific recipients.  I wanted to make sure they traveled well around the country, and also use them to get valuable feedback from fellow artists I admire.  One such recipient was my friend Bob, fellow Colorado College alum and masterful painter.  I knew he would like this piece, as it is a favorite of mine, but the compliment he gave me upon receiving it absolutely made my week so I wanted to go ahead and share it.  Here goes:

"...I applaud you.  They're fucking fantastic and I'm honored to have one.  They're like your college stuff but older, fuller, more mature (like us!), so you.  Personally I love the mixture of leaf, body, and owl.  A lot of your pictures have made me feel uneasy, sexy, humorous, and refined, all at once.   This is no different.  I love how the owl peaks out.  Thank you again.  And the heels.  I love her heels."
-Robert S. Pokorney III

Thanks Bob, that means a lot.  Original arborboy collages for sale to be posted soon!
 And to see Bob's paintings be sure to visit robertpokorney.com

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