Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I am one of those people that thinks that Valentine's Day is a little totally ridiculous. I have at times bought into it, there is no question, but overall I try and avoid the Hallmark holiday as best I can. Perhaps instead I'll pick up Amy Stewart's book Flower Confidential, an amazing look into the realities of the cut flower industry. If you are at all intrigued I highly recommend this book - a fascinating read.

No, honestly, my love and I try and treat every day like Valentine's Day, with exception of chemically-processed roses and an over-abundance of chocolate of course. We strive to be loving people not because we are expected to be, but because we think life is better that way. Life and love and laughter should be a daily ritual, not a yearly one.

Allow me now to take you back to my childhood, to a song and video sure to tug at your heart-strings and encourage singing along. When I woke this morning I had a song so stuck in my head and I couldn't figure out how it got there or from where it came. But, being such a classic track I knew I had to share. Happy Hallmark Holiday, Happy Singles Awareness Day, Happy V-day, whatever, Happy Day!

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