Friday, February 6, 2009

Magnolia Sky

For the last few weeks I have been staring up at the sky a lot, pruning dead wood out of long stands of lilacs and magnolias. By this point I have gotten my eyes well conditioned to pick out the big, fuzzy magnolia buds and the smaller, plump, greenish-red buds of the lilacs. By the end of the day your neck is killing you from all those hours of looking up and your shoulders are about to fall off courtesy of the 6' pole pruner, but the shrubs look so much better and you realize it is well worth it. Not to mention I never get tired of the view. What I love about this quick shot from my phone this morning on my daily rounds is that it also sort of resembles all the cracking ice I have been chipping on the days that have been too brutally cold to prune. Ah, winter. And people say there isn't anything going on in the garden - ha!

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