Thursday, April 8, 2010

Notable Narcissus

As we all know there are a million and one different kinds of Narcissus (daffodils) out there. You have your thirteen divisions of daffodils based on their morphological variation, and then within each of those divisions all the umpteen cultivars with their different colors and characteristics. But just the same I had to post some pics of my favorite Narcissus from the 2010 spring season.
This is Narcissus 'Surfside', a division 6 (cyclamineus daffodil).

Then there is Narcissus 'Carlton', a division 2 (large cup daffodil).

Narcissus 'Peeping Tom' is always an early one in the garden, a division 6 (cyclamineus daffodil).

And last but not least is Narcissus 'Avalon', a division 2 (large cup daffodil).

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