Thursday, July 8, 2010

best part of my day

I was having a miserable day, dealing with miserable people, and letting them get to me which was only making me more angry. I was ready to quit it all and walk away, tell the world to go fuck itself. And then the phone rang. "Gian Carlo Feleppa calling". My brother and little miss Ea were on a Manhattan adventure and wanted to see where Uncle Alex worked. Seeing my little niece bobbing on my brother's shoulders made all that shit melt away. We walked and talked and explored the way a two-year old mind does. This little one, more grown up than all the adults I take care of on a daily basis brought a smile back to my face, just in the nick of time. We boarded the subway and began our descent down to the outer boroughs, safely away from all the lunacy. Before I got off to transfer at 59th Street Ea turned to me and said, "I love you". part of my day.
playing patty-cake on the counter waiting for our afternoon snack before hitting the train


Des said...

Awww she's adorable.
Children are often happy and life loving...not like jaded adults. They are more of a pleasure to spend time with.

Amber said...

Cute. Very cute.