Monday, July 5, 2010

favorite postcard #139

A million moons ago when I was living in California between the redwoods and the shark infested seas I was given this postcard by my friend Annie. We lived in a perfect little house on a brilliant ranch, and three artists total we all fed each other, artistically, creatively, physically. A remarkable adventure west, it was not without some tough times, some serious personal and professional challenges. In a sense we were all finding ourselves. We all made it out better people and no doubt they were challenges that have made me who I am, a stronger man and a harder worker.

This postcard would live at my various collage tables for years to follow after landing back on the east coast. For clearly it is too fabulous to ever take a Sharpie or pair of scissors to. It sort of became a reminder, kind of like when you would be off to school as a kid and your mom would get those last few important phrases out before the bus gobbled you up. " good, hard, ...make me proud!"

Back in Half Moon Bay I had no idea where Long Beach, NY was. I wouldn't for all those years. Today we just got back from Long Beach, our heaven during our time living here in the city. It's where we want to buy a house and start a family. Close to the city but on the ocean it feels like our little secret, even though we know others are catching on fast! For us it makes so much sense. It's kind of like the light at the end of the tunnel. It's like that reminder, "do good, work hard, make me proud". Accept those challenges, learn from those challenges, do what you know is right.

The next great challenge is on.

...oh and HUGE props to my friend Harry for making the move to a career in horticulture and starting his new gig tomorrow (yeah, I will take credit and say he was a pupil of mine!) and a belated MEGA shout out to my kick-ass friend Annie, who you can now call Nurse Annie. That's right. BANG!

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