Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Amidst the captivating open landscape of southern Colorado lies the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It's truly unbelievable, driving through the arid landscape, sweeping valleys, past mini mountains all too picturesque, and coming across this visual of square mile after square mile of sand dunes. As a student at Colorado College many years ago we treated our first trip to the sand dunes like a pilgrimage. I did at least. And it was, and the start of a journey that would take four years and change my life forever. My friend Robert S. Pokorney sent me this pic, probably passing through on his way to visit our dear friend Renee (O'brien) Mackey (both fellow CC grads) in little ol' Alamosa, CO. Jealous? oh you bet. It's true, Colorado doesn't have an ocean, and hence I landed back on the east coast, but once you are under the majesty of that big sky, I assure you, you will never forget it.

Thanks, Bob, took me right back!

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