Monday, September 19, 2011

Open House NY Sunset Boat Tour

Open House New York is a great organization that helps New Yorkers learn about and enjoy all the exceptional design, architecture and history here in the Big Apple. OHNY is mostly known for their annual weekend in October when hundreds of New York establishments open their doors for visitors curious to see more of the city. However thanks to having worked with them years ago at the Hort Society I am on their mailing list and get great notices about events. One such event that we decided to check out was the sunset boat tour. For two hours we toured New York Harbor and it's various sights on the Zephyr and had a ball.
Obviously some kind of work being done on the Brooklyn Bridge. We took off from South Street Seaport about 5:30 and would get back just after sunset. The Zephyr was bigger than I expected and very comfortable, complete with multiple decks, a nice cabin, and two bars!
We were a few minutes late taking off because the President of the United States was flying in for the United Nations conference.
We thought it was kind of cool to have an armed Coast Guard escort for the few minutes until we were past Governor's Island (background left).
I think too often we forget that this is all a bunch of little islands and the vitality the waters around New York bring to it's people.
Of course the mighty Empire State Building.

One part of the tour was going around to the west side to check out the Queen Elizabeth and the Aida Luna, the two massivmo cruise ships visiting the city. Eventually we would watch the Aida Luna make her way out to sea and wish her well on her way to the next port. Massivmo!
A sunset boat tour, never a bad way to end the day.
Even Jersey looked beautiful and inviting, go figure!
Lady Liberty looked lovely as always.

And as we got back around to Pier 16 the lights of the city were coming on. Ah yes, the city that never sleeps in all her grand glory.

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