Thursday, September 1, 2011

this year's water lilies in the secret garden

love the sky reflection in this shot
I am catching up on picture editing and various posts-to-be. To tide you over here are a couple good pics of this year's tropical water lilies blooming in the secret garden in Central Park.
Tropical water lilies are in the aquatic plant genus Nymphaea, photographed here in all her macro glory. To learn more and see previous years pics click on the Aquatic Plants tag at the bottom of this post.
This years hybrids have flower spikes that sit well above the water, moreso than the ones grown in the pool over the last few years I've been around. I'm not sure the exact name of these cultivars but so fun to think about all the options out there thanks to those clever plant breeders. The lilies will last into the fall until the water and temps begin to really dip so get up there and check them out if you can.

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