Wednesday, January 18, 2012

capturing the day, one year at a time

the 6:18am regulars

My wife wanted a new project, a new challenge, and as a result has begun a pretty fabulous undertaking. Her goal: to post a picture for every day of the year, a complete year of her life captured in exactly 365 pictures. We have been talking about the year ahead and for us it is going to be a year of big change, or so we hope. More and more we talk about getting out of the city and taking this flora and fauna show on the road. This might very well be the year. So what better way to capture it than a whole year documented in simple but complete encapsulations of the day. You all should check out 365 Pictures and keep checking it out. Krissy posted the first picture on her birthday, January 15.

I realized I never posted any Sharon Van Etten! A most sensational singer/songwriter from over the bridge in Brooklyn there, I somehow learned about her 2010 album "Epic" and was instantly so thankful I did. It still gets a ton of play, something about her sound is such music to my ears. If you don't have this album, go buy it, now, you can thank me later. This morning it was on the headphones sounding so nice as we battled the cold wind up 96th Street.

I would have the hardest time keeping it to just one photo...

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