Friday, January 27, 2012

found art

I found this the other day and was instantly intrigued. Since I don't want to get myself in trouble I am not going to say where I was within the five boroughs but stumbling through woods and sand and stone all of a sudden this huge slab of (I presume) marble was under foot. So I did a little research, and by that I totally over exaggerate, it was just a Google search, but I learned about an American conceptual artist named Jenny Holzer. In 1977 Holzer began a project entitled Truisms. She would take her complications of statements and aphorisms (vocab word of the day, aphorism: an original thought, spoken or written in a concise and memorable form) and display them in a number of different visual installations throughout the city over the following number of years. Where this stone was originally and how it came to where it is now I have no idea, another part of my vagueness, but I had to share it. As we head into this year of making changes and doing our best to live on our terms, a much longer post I have been intending to write, I couldn't help but find it interesting that I would come across these found truisms that date back to my birth year of '77. You have to love the subjective nature of art, mixed with that little taste of exploration and discovery, for that is the stuff that makes me smile.

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