Saturday, July 14, 2012

koi series

 Today I went and planted a young 'Bloodgood' Japanese maple at an amazing property.  The two men had over three acres and had put in a large beautiful pond in the back yard.  If you stood at the edge for more than a minute the koi would appear.  They were good-sized fish, and obviously very used to people.  I shot these quickly before wrapping up and heading back to the ranch.
 Their movement was fantastic, roiling the water with wonderful energy.
 They just kept coming out of hiding, slowly, each one showing off their unique coloration.

 koi koreography?
The botanical name of koi is Cyprinus carpio which I never knew before.  Cool name, at least to this nature geek.  And though I have never met them a big congratulations and best wishes to J&M, the two men, today celebrating their marriage.  Hope they like their surprise wedding tree.  

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