Thursday, July 12, 2012

twilight tour at LongHouse

LongHouse Reserve is the 16-acre residence of designer Jack Lenor Larson which over the years has been converted into a most amazing public garden right here in East Hampton.  Loaded with fabulous plantings and thought provoking artwork, LongHouse is tucked away in a nearby residential part of town and is such a treat for me given my love of horticulture and art.  The other evening we went and joined LH staff for an exquisite Twilight Tour which they are now offering on Mondays from 6-8pm.  As advertised it is a perfect time of day to see the gardens and grounds and various pieces and collections in a beautiful light.  Check out these sheered hornbeams (Carpinus) and sculpture by Izumi Masatoshi.

Fuyu, 2008
Swedish granite
H. 59, L. 59, W. 33", 6,600 lbs.
courtesy of Koichi Hara, Gallery Japonesque, San Francisco

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