Wednesday, May 27, 2009

peony panels

Paeonia sp.
Conservatory Garden
late May, 2009

There is so much in bloom right now out in the gardens. Us horticulturists are doing all we can just to keep up. Hands are extra dry, back is feeling it. Most plants are in, but much in holding we got to get in the ground. You know the routine. It's spring, it's summer, the momentum accelerates. We get busy. And in this case I don't have the same time to devote to all the garden photography and plant records that I wish I could get lost in. I don't have the time to share with you all the amazing forms and flowers and textures I am lucky enough to call my "office". It's a shame really. But alas, it's getting late by my early bird standards, hell, it's past my bedtime, and tomorrow is no break from the norm.

In bloom in NYC:
Paeonia (peony)
Rosa (rose)
Kolkwitzia (beauty bush)
...and so much more.

still holding on:
Allium (ornamental onion)
Nectaroscordum (formerly Allium) - a new plant for me this year. Love those tall nodding clusters.

Ok, have to crash. That's all for now. Be well. Get outside.

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