Friday, June 19, 2009

two accidents too many for one short walk home

This evening on the way home from work I was witness to two terrible accidents. Off the subway a few blocks a man was impatiently making a left turn when the light changed and struck an elderly woman crossing in the middle of the block. People began to swarm and I didn't actually see the details of the accident so I continued home. All along the way impatient people cut corners and made illegal moves, nearly causing scores of more accidents. Home safe, or so I thought. We had just sat on the couch and heard a wild series of bangs, louder and louder. Three cars collided at the nearest intersection to our home. One went right off the road and took out a light post and two mailboxes before stopping due to the impact with the wrought iron fence. My neighbors ran to help any way they could, others dialed 911. People held up began honking, and we began screaming back at them. "Don't you see there is an accident! Relax already!!" Even now, hours later people still honk and swerve and nearly kill each other because they have to get to where they're going right away! Funny, no one says, "I want to get to my death, right away!"

In this age of technology and a million distractions remember the importance of finding patience. It's stating the obvious, but remember, time takes time, and sometimes there is no point in rushing things because it doesn't make a difference. Obviously we have found in this instance that rushing time means you are actually/potentially throwing time away, throwing life away, carelessly and foolishly, like a lost life due to a car accident.

This is a live clip of Stereolab, one of my favorite bands of all time. "Cybele's Reverie" is off of Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Elektra, 1996). The band includes: Morgane Lhote (keyboards), Time Gan (guitar), Andy Ramsay (drums), Duncan Brown (bass), Mary Hansen and Laetitia Sadier (vocals).

RIP Mary Hansen (killed on her bicycle by a car, London, 2002)

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