Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plant of the Day: Nectaroscordum

These pictures are actually from last spring but they are of a plant that has just begun blooming. This is Nectaroscordum, a close relative to the ornamental onion, both members of the onion family (Alliaceae).
--genus consists of 3 species of bulbous perennials
--Alliaceae family
--(I believe) also commonly called ornamental onion
--USDA Zones 5-9
--native to southern Europe, western Asia, and Iran
--plant in well draining soil in full sun
--flowers late spring to early summer, and can reach a few feet tall
Thanks to Flora, A Gardener's Encyclopedia

And one last quick note. In the garden this year the Nectaroscordum is just beginning to bloom. These photos were taken late May last year and are closer to what people consider the typical bloom time. ...which means we are still a couple weeks ahead of schedule do to these warmer temps.

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