Tuesday, March 29, 2011

= not fun

Down the block from our new place we have been marveling at a little babbling brook. Water was bubbling up through a break in the pavement at the edge of the street curb, down the sloped block, and into a gutter at the nearby intersection. For about a week we noticed this and wondered in complete bafflement. It would turn out to be a water main break and after long arduous days at work we arrived home to this notice, and in fact, no water. ...not a drop. Quickly you realize how spoiled we are and how we take water so for granted. Clean water is very much a finite resource on this planet but not until you have no access to it do you see the value in every ounce, or milliliter, or however you measure it. We have to take better care of our planet and it's resources. This is not a political statement, it's a human statement, and no one is exempt and no one is above it. ...did you know March 27th was World Water Day?

In the end the DEP would work through the night to restore water to the block by our 5:45 wake-up time the next morning, so props to those guys and their hard work.

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