Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magnolia 'Galaxy'

There are a lot of spring blooming cultivars of magnolias on the market. This is one I was introduced to as a student up at the New York Botanical Garden, a magnolia named 'Galaxy'. The above shot was taken rather unintentional, early one morning when the flash accidentally went off trying to get some halfway decent shots before the start of the work day. But later reviewing the shot I realized how well it shows the big, fleshy flower. The color of these flowers as they open is a much darker, richer pinkish-purple compared to your typical saucer magnolias.
The above is by far not the best botanical shot I have ever taken but you can see the very clean conical shape this cultivar takes over time, another characteristic of 'Galaxy'.
Standing at the edge of the drip line and looking up you see how fabulous the deeper colored flowers look against the spring sky. And then as they open they expose the inside of the massive petals which are almost bright white.
...great tree.

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