Monday, April 4, 2011

slow cooker cook books

Hey McB,
I have to admit I don't remember where we got these so I have no idea if they are hard to find. But we have a few slow cooker cookbooks and with a little tweaking we've gotten a bunch of good meals out of all of them. For the most part there are two cookbooks that we go to when we want to have an easy day in the kitchen. This first one is awesome because it has slow cooker recipes and other non-slow cooker (fast cooker? oh, nevermind.) recipes and they all rock. There is a regular stove top pork, white bean chili that is so easy and so yum. And of all the slow cooker beef stews we have tried this one is up there. Anyway, here is number #1:
Slow Cooker Casseroles & More, Publications International Ltd., 2002
ISBN 0-7853-7619-4

The second is much simple and therefore at times much more our speed. Less ingredients, less complication and less involved assembly, that's pretty much why we got slow cookers, right?!. This one especially we found had great ideas, great foundations for good dishes, and with a little tweaking could be made really dee-lish with relative quickness and ease. I've altered slightly their creamy seafood chowder recipe and it's the bomb, ...seriously. serious. chowder. Anyway number #2:
Fix It Quick - Favorite Brand Name Slow Cooker,
Publications International Ltd., 2004
ISBN 0-7853-9681-0

Hmm, both have this "Favorite Brand Name" moniker or whatever you call it. I wonder if that might be a help. Anyway, happy eating!

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McB said...

Thank you so much! Time to do a little shopping on ebay!