Saturday, April 16, 2011

one of the all-time best albums (aka Support Record Store Day!)

I've probably posted this video before. ...and probably on a Saturday such as this no less. But I never tire of rocking out with The Specials on my solo stay-at-home Saturdays. There are not that many albums that you can listen to straight through and enjoy every minute of. For me this is one of those albums. Saturday morning soundtrack of sorts.

The Specials, originally on Chrysalis Records Ltd, UK, 1979
Vinyl recently reissued by the good people of Capitol Records

Today, April 16th, is National Record Store Day. The idea is that we take today to celebrate the existence of the record store, that always awesome destination that has always provided us exposure to new sounds and new tunes in a unique setting all their own. And now many local shops use today for special in-house events that can include live shows or special limited edition releases of gems you're not going to find by clicking one of these new fangled computer thingys. So you should go to and see what is going on in your 'hood, and get out there and join the celebration. I have to flip the record. Go support your local record store!

...and rock on, rockers!

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