Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on Irene

With Irene making her way up the east coast the media once again has the masses freaking out. A category 1 storm we are in for some nasty rain and wind and flooding, no doubt, but enough that people have to wipe out the grocery store of damn near everything and plywood the holy hell out of their homes and businesses? Perhaps a bit of overkill. But just the same better safe than sorry, and I do agree with that. The small containers from out front are lining the stairs up to our apartment. The green Colocasia looks nice in the amber light and the herbs make the front foyer smell fabulous.

The big pots out front are tied and knotted together with heavy duty climbing rope to appease our adorable and nervous little ol' landlady. Doubt I'll be climbing any trees this weekend. The saws are cleaned and staged in the closet in case of emergency. We are keeping the vibe mellow in the face of such hysteria. Cleaning and filling water bottles for the fridge the reggae set is on shuffle and Errol Walker wails through the rain. "If you buy a house he wonders how. If you buy a car he must know why..." This is John Public!

Stay Safe,
xo arborboy

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