Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to my better half

It was probably about seven years ago that my wife decided to leave her previous lines of work and follow her passion of caring for animals.  In the years since she has become an amazing veterinary technician, caring for hundreds if not thousands of patients between New York City and the eastern end of Long Island.  She comes home telling me unbelievable stories of the situations she has dealt with and the obstacles overcome to get these creatures back on track, most of the time successful but unfortunately sometimes not.  I know she works her tail off, the pun slightly intentional, and gives it her all every day, whether a cat or dog or even injured wildlife, and every day I am so proud of her for following her passion and her dream and being so selfless and so strong even though so many of her clients have no clue what her job really entails.  I'll say it again, because it only really scratches the surface.  I am so proud of my love.

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