Sunday, June 5, 2011

props to rooftop bee keeping!

It was the first time in months that my wife had Saturday off, so it meant we had the whole weekend together and were loving it. We hung around the house catching up on house work and chores, taking it easy and enjoying the chill day. From our living room we look west towards the Manhattan skyline and in the afternoon as we have seen a few times before we saw man standing atop one building a few blocks away. I saw him back in late winter tinkering around on his roof and wondered what he was up to. Fixing one of the many satellite dishes or something? I shot a video because I was perplexed.

Well, this time I figured out the reason for his rooftop antics. It turns out he is a rooftop bee keeper. How cool is that?!?!

I never tire of the individuals in this city that persevere, utilizing their own creativity and thinking outside the box to make this a better place for themselves and all other living things. So very cool. Makes me want to get into bee keeping.

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