Thursday, June 9, 2011

Puck and the Thunderstorm

We hadn't had rain in almost three full weeks. The plants were tired and stressed and so were we. I got off the train and was walking up the street when the sky began to change. The dark clouds were rolling in fast from the west and the wind was whipping the dry tree limbs in a way that demanded attention. Trees are comprised of two types of cellular tissue, lignin and cellulose. The lignin is what makes woody cells strong and rigid, able to support the trees weight and movement. Cellulose is what gives the tree that movement, a compound in the cellular structure of living plants that gives them their flexibility and amiability. If people are curious to know more about tree physiology comment and let me know and I will be happy to babble further in future posts. So, anyway, the wind is blowing like a mad thing and a major thunderstorm is only minutes away. Luckily I'm home in no time. I wonder what kind of storm we are in for as I lower the windows and turn to see Puck walking by. Puck is not a fan of thunderstorms, you see, so he turns out to be quite invaluable in instances such as these. When he makes a b-line for the center of the apartment and sits still as a stone in the shelter of the interior doorways you know you are in for some weather. I love that he looks like one of those old sepia tone photographs of your great, great grandparents from a century ago, so fixed in the pose. And the rain came, pouring buckets and rattling through the neighborhood like a freight train. You could hear the trees and plants breathing their sighs of relief. A necessary break from the dry heat the teeming water was instantly rejuvenating . ...and Puckus? God love him, not moving a muscle.

funny, now I guess we know the safest spot in the apartment if we ever have a major hurricane or earthquake - Ha!

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