Friday, June 24, 2011

setting the day off vibe

I cashed in a vacation day at the last minute and am not feeling bad about it. I'm in the midst of a major shift within my career as a horticulturist and educator, switching my focus from formal gardening to woodland management. It's been six months in the making and I could not be more excited about the challenges ahead, but at the same time I am zapped. Needed a day to process it all, a day clear the mental slate and start fresh. The plan was to wake early and hit the beach but the Atlantic Ocean looked more like the Long Island Sound so plans have been modified. But still a day for self, and a great day it will be.

Years ago my oldest brother Tim gave me this LP, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires "Rock Steady - 67". ...from the Rock Steady days when the beats were heavy and the men really knew how to sing. This is Mr. Lee with "On the Beach", a killer tune to set the day off vibe.

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