Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happiness is a new 6'3" Fineline!

all pics the property of Mollusk Surf Shop or Alex Feleppa with all rights reserved

Back in May I was thinking about a getting a new board as a birthday present to myself. I had in my head the idea of getting a fish, a certain style of board that allows you to make the most of the mushy summer swells we can get hit with here in New York. I checked my local haunts out east and saw some beautiful boards but nothing quite spoke to me. Then I decided to check out Mollusk surf shop in Williamsburg. I knew about the shop and had heard that Chris was a great guy from fellow surfer and artist friends in Greenpoint (love Jodie Jacobson and Dave Melrose!) so one Sunday Krissy and I rolled down through Hipsterville to see what we could find. Sure enough Chris was there and we three had a great time talking about their killer spread of handcrafted boards in all shapes and sizes. I was psyched not only to find a local surf shop to support but even more-so to find one with solid products and a crew of smart guys with the right attitude. Ultimately I was transfixed by a board all waxed up and still salty from the previous days surf session so I had to ask. Chris enthusiastically pulled down his personal blue-green 6'3" egg made by Brian out at Fineline surfboards in California. I talked about the void in our quiver of boards I was trying to fill and without hesitation he nodded towards the mini egg as a major contender in his eyes. It wasn't the board I had pictured in my mind originally but learning about Fineline, their exqusitely crafted boards, and seeing the stoke in my eyes Chris had me sold pretty quickly.

I submitted the order and knowing it was the busiest time of year for shapers did my best to be patient. After a little communication glitch I learned today that the board was in so Krissy and I wasted no time to get back down to Brooklyn to find Chris and the rest of the gang. Sure enough the new arrival was everything I was hoping for and instantly upon seeing it in the flesh I was thrilled all over again. So here she is, the latest member of the Feleppa surf family, the orange board!
We opted for a single box fin and FCS sidebites. I wasn't sure before if the color orange I picked out was going to be too much, but with the transparent tint and sanded gloss finish it looks so killer and has just the right amount of pop.
And I don't know what it is or how to articulate it, but when you see your name there under the sturdy glass job and you sit back knowing this board is all about your specific size and weight, ah man, it's like Christmas morning every day of the year. To use one of my favorite words, custom, through and through.
And it really is the finer touches that went into this board that sets Fineline above a lot of other board makers out there that I checked out. The cedar stringer and reinforced tail, the way Brian shaved the rails to maximize the boards smooth flow and sweet rocker, I just can't wait to get this baby in the water.
Major props to Chris Gentile for turning me on to Fineline and taking great care of me as a customer. Thanks to Brian Hilbers and his crew out west for making such a fine creation that I intend to enjoy for many years to come. Thanks too to Zach at the shop for rocking my world and setting up this beast today complete with the 7.5" L-Flex fin 'cause I know I had him sweatin' there for a minute. If you are a local surfer Mollusk surf shop is near the water at the end of Metropolitan there in Williamsburg and it is definitely a place worth checking out. Always good to support your local surf shop. You guys are awesome and we will definitely see you again soon, either out in the lineup or when it's time to add another stick to the quiver. Cheers,


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Kris Chatterson said...

Hey man. I about lost it when I came across your blog. Looks like we both have good taste in surf craft. I'm in LIC, maybe I'll see you out at Rachaway some time.