Thursday, July 28, 2011

on the topic of collages and selling artwork

collage on paper
6.5" x 10"
aef08 (2008)
image courtesy of the owners, H. Harrison and C. Mcpherson

Ultimately the question is this:
Would you ever consider buying one of my collages?
...and if so, what would you pay?

The longer question goes like this:
I have always been pushed and pushed myself to make art. Growing up dad always had these sketch books that lived around the house and periodically us kids would create some new doodles and drawings. ...of course now so much fun to revisit as adults contemplating kids of our own. In high school I studied under great artists and began learning the basics of sculpture, photography, and painting. At the Colorado College I expanded my skills to installation art, printmaking and what we liked to call "exploratory media". To this day I kick myself that I didn't record more, for there I did some of my best installations. Following school I was back in New York at the end of Long Island growing as a painter, collage artist, and budding horticulturist. So flash forward to city living in the 21st Century. As I have shared in blog posts my main focus these days are collages of various shapes and sizes, some with apparent themes, others simply juxtapositions of images and memories that strike a chord. Each piece is completely hand made, the tangible process of laying layer atop layer and the tactile finished product as important to me as the image presented. Each collage is one of a kind and would never be recreated.

Though I have often traded art among friends and mentors I have never formally sold my collages or paintings. For years I have been urged to, but ultimately I never figured out what I would charge. Over those same years I have seen others successfully vend their artwork via their own blogs so now I am investigating following suit. Therefore, o' visitors of arborboy, let me ask you. To have one of these collages, completely original and one of a kind, sent to you in an attractive mat that all you would have to do is put in a frame, what would you realistically spend, or want to spend?

Seriously I would love any and all feedback on this matter. Whether you are an old friend or a stranger reading this blog for the first time, I would like to know what you would value these pieces at and what you would be willing to spend to have one of your own. Like art itself the answers are completely subjective so clearly there is no right or wrong answer. As far as size, let's say for the moment that said collages would range in size from 6.5" x 10" up t0 10" x 15". (To view other collages I have made, click on the collage tag below.) Feel free to comment or if you would prefer to email, send your input to The goal is for me to share with you these pieces at a reasonable rate so that I am driven to create new and better pieces on a more regular basis. If you wouldn't spend more than $20 I'd like to know. If you think I'm a fool not to charge $100 I'd like to know. If a number or range of numbers come to mind I'd really like to know. Whether you are a buyer or artist or both, please respond. I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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