Saturday, July 16, 2011

the 'Stone

We went east for a weekend at the folks house. Hearing of the intense rage and hysteria that was accompanying this summer season in the Hamptons we made sure to steer clear, keep the mood chill and the vibe positive. This included a walk and dip up at Maidstone, and it was as perfect. Of course you don't get me near a rocky beach without a few cairns popping up.

Mrs. Krissy caught me in the act.

Slow and steady wins the race, not that we were racing.

Gardiners Bay in all her glory.

A cairn is the term for a man-made pile of stones, derived from the Irish and Scottish Gaelic "carn" or plural "cairn". Traditionally they are used as a marker or landmark, often with some social, cultural, or religious significance. For those of you that know Andy Goldsworthy and other installation artists you know they have become admired as a form of art as well. And if you don't know Andy Goldsworthy then you should check out his coffee table books or the documentary "Rivers and Tides". A bit Artsy, but genius really. this reminds me I never posted pictures from Storm King last year. hmmm. but enough about that...
Note: no honking horns, no screaming obscenities or expletives, no false sense of entitlement, no pretense, just the peaceful enjoying of our naturally beautiful surroundings. Ahhh....

this post goes out to Miss Erin Backus and the NEWFS crew of '06, Scott, Tom, and the gang. miss all you crazy people. dare I say, Rock On!

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