Sunday, August 26, 2012

happy barbeque

I think we figured out that the last time we had a party was five years ago, in a one-bedroom place in Queens we called "the shanty".  We finally felt settled in the new house enough to open the doors and invite over some of our favorite local folks.  Wrapping up our week, complete with Summer Vacation 2012, we got home from work on Sunday evening and quickly got to prepping.  What ensued would be a great gathering of friends from all aspects of our lives, together and having a good time in the back yard as we snacked and grilled and drank to our hearts delight.  It was a wonderful evening and we thank everyone for coming over and helping us properly christen our new home.  Special thanks to Jose who couldn't make it but still hooked us up with this killer cake which has been satisfying the sugar fix steady since then.  A Happy Barbeque it was, and the first of many good times to come in our comfy home. 

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