Monday, August 27, 2012

Ocean City, MD (summer vacation 2012)

It was my first time out of New York in months and months, not to mention our first vacation since March, so we were thrilled to hit the open road.
The sign on this truck advertised Young and Fresh Chickens. We chose to disagree.
My wife grew up going to Ocean City, Maryland with her family for summer vacations as a kid but it was my first time.  Thanks to my sister-in-law masterminding a great house rental in Ocean Pines we got to spend three days with the whole fam living it up.
Even in Ocean City, MD ...clowns are creepy.
My wife and our (not so little anymore) niece on one of the many rides.
Krissy and I would ourselves seek some thrills, like the Tidal Wave!  A little late in the game we realized we really haven't been on a rollercoaster in a long, LONG time, but we still had a blast.
The newest niece, Kiera, with papa Jerome while momma Kate and sister Janaya enjoyed another ride.
Our house rental was right on the water, so serene and comfortable.

We got to the beach a bunch of times and perhaps most psyched of all was our little Janaya, quickly becoming the cutest little surfer girl.
So great to spend time with family.  Above is Krissy and Kiera and Jerome and 'Naya below.

We weren't expecting such good surf while down there so we were loving the body surfing.
The crowds were out but everyone seemed to be down-to-earth and having the right attitude which was a relief.
On day #2 the vacation gods made fresh fruit cocktails that rocked our world.
Beach fun with the boardwalk right at our fingertips provided no lack of things to do and trouble to get into.

A napping Kiera, with the most precious eyelashes...
We walked the boardwalk a lot and enjoyed great adventures and people watching every time, but at night it took on a whole new persona. fun. Whatever age you feel like a kid again, mesmerized by the sights and sounds and awe-some-ness of it all.

We had to have a drink at the Purple Moose Saloon because what are you going to do?  NOT have a drink at a place called the Purple Moose??  

Back at the house we eventually had to have a traditional Maryland crab feast.  This is the lead-up.

Then we got down to business.  Half a bushel thanks to my father-in-law.
They were pros, and taught me quick, and we all had a ball!
The days went fast and before we knew it we had to say goodbye and head back to New York, but it really made all the difference to get out of our routine for a few days and see the rest of our loved ones.

A final killer meal, in this case courtesy of another OC MD staple, the dough roller.  Holy cow was that an amazing breakfast.  Fortified us for the 7 hour trek home.
Thanks Ocean City, MD, you're a fab town!!

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