Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy Tree Info - pass it on!

(A Zelkova serrata street tree here in my neighborhood in Astoria, Queens)

In this day and age with everyone, or most everyone, in possession of a computer with internet access and cable television it absolutely amazes me that for some ignorance is still bliss. A good friend and neighbor rents a place like we do. They have a big fabulous shade tree out back of their place. Correction, they had a big fabulous shade tree out back of their place, until the neighbor convinced the landlord to cut it down because, get this, it shed leaves!!! I know, I know, how dare it inconvenience a retired guy and his wife opposed to a little cardiovascular activity, I mean, it's not like the tree provided numerous tangible benefits to the environment here in New York City or anything. ...or did it!?!?!?

I have worked alongside, been educated by, and advised a number of worthy local, state, and federal organizations devoted to combating the atrocious environmental changes we all, unfortunately, have had a hand in. So when I learned about the tree out back of Chez' place being taken down you can imagine how my blood boiled. Luckily it is down to a steady simmer right now so at least I can type again instead of just pacing while enraged.

I have errands to run, dinner to prepare, and too much other shit to take care of right now, but I must post this link if nothing else. After the latest street tree census in New York City (2005-2006) my good friends at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation put together a few web pages and pdfs summarizing some of their findings. If you are not much of a tree buff like I am, or if you are and want a few fabulous factual references to show off to your friends (and idiotic neighbors) then I recommend you check out the Parks and Rec website. In particular check out the page and subsequent links that followed the last tree census - "Trees Count!". You will learn a lot about the benefits of trees in our urban lives. Trust me, check this out:

Trees Count! Notes from the latest street tree census in NYC, courtesy of the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

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