Saturday, December 6, 2008

must. avoid. computer.

Felis Femina and I last night were talking about how we haven't written in a while. And it is true, short emails and tendencies towards facebook and youtube have been winning out these last number of evenings following hard work and cold days in the gardens. Today I have to focus on gift buying for the holidays. Last year I left it all to a frantic day much closer to the 25th and this year I am going to try and avoid that ...mentally losing my shit behind stupid teen tourists light-years away from the urban etiquette I and other New Yorkers take, at times, quite seriously. Move to the center of the car damnit! Trying to walk arms-locked, four across down Broadway in Chinatown, are you fucking kidding me! How can you actually walk this slow? Everyone just get the hell out of my way!!! So yeah, let's avoid that this year.

I have some extra daffodil bulbs that I will plant around a new street tree on our block, part of the Million Trees campaign I was once on the advisory council of. Narcissus 'Surfside' look to be a beautiful combination of a big ruffled cup of yellow changing to white and a clear white perianth, slightly reflexed. According to Brent and Becky they will be about 12" tall and quite a strong performer through the season. They ought to be a nice addition to the block. I should get on it so that I can get back here and do some research and/or cyber-shopping before my love gets home from yoga.

This time of year my new good friend and co-worker, a strong and gentle soul originally from Guyana, has a saying he repeats to try and keep the vibe mellow through the holiday madness. "Don't think about what you need, but be thankful for what you have", he laughs in a rich accent as we sit and warm up over hot lunches. So true, Earl, so true. Gotta remember to keep that in mind.

Off to projects and thinking about those I love, and how to make them a little bit happier if I can. I will leave you with an old clip of Heart singing "Barracuda" off their album Little Queen from the late 70's. It reminds me of my old days playing water polo in high school with the LC polo squad. Hard work followed by good times, and always much laughter, good goals to strive for as far as I'm concerned. Have a great day.

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