Sunday, December 21, 2008

I found Santa!

I was thinking and talking with friends the other day about how this year people don't seem quite as festive about Christmas as in some years past. Sure I've seen the increase in shopping bags and packages in peoples hands on the subway during the evening commute the last few weeks but something isn't quite the same. Where's that classic image of the multiple santas sitting at the diner counter enjoying their hot coffee break? In this politically correct day and age have we really banished the gluttonous obese jolly white man we were all raised on? Can the present economic state really be squashing our spirit that much?

Well, luckily for us we have Bill Cunningham from The New York Times. Bill Cunningham is known around town as one of the best social photographers and I might be one to argue he is the best. I have had the pleasure of seeing and talking with Mr. Cunningham at many a New York City soiree and he is one of the nicest and most sincere gentleman. Not to mention the places and people he has seen and photographed, no wonder he always packs a genuine smile and the crowds rush to stand in front of his shutter. So, thankfully for me, and you as you will soon see and hear, Bill was able to find the Santas we've been missing. Below is a link to a piece called "On the Street I Claused" by Bill Cunningham and The New York Times. You really must check it out. Whether you are urban or rural, I think you will be able to appreciate the tidings of joy and utter silliness that Bill was able to capture.

Pour yourself an eggnog, perhaps even add a floater, don your silly plush hat, sit back, and enjoy:

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