Friday, August 7, 2009

morning commute, observations


Dress Pants walks down the avenue to the train drinking his Red Bull. 6:42am. Long Blonde is not in black today like usual, but jeans and sunglasses, large back weekend bag. It's Friday for all but me. I wonder if anyone thinks of me as Crossword Boy. Young Suit and Beauty get on at Queensboro Plaza. Her dress is orange and silk with a white egret. Her strappy wedge shoes must be as uncomfortable as they look if she is carrying them. The flip flops she wears are neutral. I notice the spare inch in front of her painted toes, an inch behind her heal. I listen to Led Zeppelin on the headphones two times over, a tune called "That's the Way". Summer breeze blows through the planetrees, garbage collects around the projects as I cut through.

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