Sunday, August 23, 2009

surfing Hurricane Bill: a youtube gallery

a few clips I found this morning among the many things posted to youtube - I'm sure much more will be posted soon

I don't know what the typical break looks like, but this is Kitty Hawk, NC, looking pretty big:

and this is Long Beach, NY, yesterday. I can't wait to see what it looks like when we are there in person tomorrow! ...and yes, we will have our boards with us.

Bob Alexander is a man I have not yet gotten to meet but he has shot lots of great Long Beach footage over the years. This is his piece from today, 8/23/2009:

This is Spring Lake, NJ, shot by Steve Donohue this morning (great footage Steve!):

...and the surfers a little later on:

I was hoping to find Montauk footage, but apparently not yet. My friend Claire Lamond Condon took this great shot out there today:

ok, back to stretching and hydrating

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