Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rich and Sue Feleppa celebrate 40 years...

On Sunday, August 16th, 2009, Richard and Sue Feleppa celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at their home in East Hampton, NY. Married in 1969 in a small ceremony in sweltering Manhattan heat, where they met and courted, Sue and Rich soon relocated out to Amagansett, NY, to a small 20' x 20' shack on Hedges Lane which they bought for $15,000. They soon surrounded themselves with local artists and writers and themselves became active and conscientious citizens within the local community. Between Hedges Lane and Indian Wells they raised three boys, Timothy Richard, born to Ellie Cox Feleppa in 1963, Gian Carlo, born in 1971, and Alexander Edward, born in 1977. Locals and tourists alike still warmly remember their success with The Royale Fish Restaurant, from 1972-1980 in Amagansett, and 1980-1985 in East Hampton with the accompanying Theatre in the Round. Sue would move on to real estate while Rich would go on to own and operate Florence and Son, a quaint boutique on Newtown Lane in the village of East Hampton where he importing fine handmade Italian creations from 1997 to 2003. For their 40th anniversary us kids thought long and hard about what to do for them. In the end we decided to treat them to something they hadn't treated themselves too in a while because of their ever so active lives. Sue and Rich Feleppa celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by taking a day off and sharing a fabulous swim in the ocean with their family.

The following pics are from that day. Click to enlarge and enjoy...
Wiborg's on a Sunday evening, all ours...

The newly appointed grandpa Rich and grammie Sue with Ea, born to Gian Carlo Feleppa and Jennifer Hoopes in 2008. A few moments of fuss, but overall they knew their first granddaughter would learn to love the ocean like the rest of us do.

They really hadn't been down for an ocean swim in quite a while so we were so happy to see them sunning and surfing and loving it.

Soon to be daughter-in-law Krissy and Alex, aka Felis Femina and Arbor Boy at your service.

Sand, water, pale, shovel, okay, we can get into this.

You can see how the new grandchild is so neglected.

How two Feleppa boys landed these two amazing ladies from PA the world may never know. Miss Hoopes and Miss Dunkle.

The ladies, and daddy Gian Carlo...
...one of the cutest tushies ever!

Of course no proper Feleppa family celebration would be complete without a feast of mammoth and superior proportions. Enter lobster, cole slaw, sauteed veggies, fresh french fries, beer, and a whole lot of buttery goodness.

Warning: multiple pound lobsters can change a man!

Don't worry, as a family we decided for the 50th wedding anniversary we will plan more ahead and throw a huge party for everyone so we will keep you posted. And once again, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, we love you!!!

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