Saturday, June 19, 2010

Away We Go

And away we went, to Montauk, and it was perfect. We have both been working and pushing very hard for the last couple months and we were beginning to feel pretty fried. It was time to make another visit to Gurney's for wedding planning so we figured out switching our work days and pulling off a long weekend together out on the east end. And it was just what the doctor ordered, especially when we finished the business portion of our visit and went down to the beach to enjoy tangerine cosmos, the drink of the day at the little beach bar. We met more members of the amazing Gurney's staff, sampled some of their amazing clams and oysters on the half shell at the Sea Grille, and lived it up, even if only for a few hours.

It only further solidified for us that we picked the perfect spot for our wedding. The invites are out and the response cards are already coming in and this was our treat to ourselves to celebrate.
Is it September yet???

Oh, and as a last little aside, for you Netflixers out there, check out the Sam Mendes movie "Away We Go". It's the tale of a young pregnant couple figuring out where they want to live and raise their first child, a very sweet and moving film. We watched it recently and really loved it, and since have been listening to the soundtrack by Alexi Murdoch which I highly, highly recommend. ...cheers,

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