Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo of the Day: Nature's Lighting

This is how I was able to start my day. In a moment of silence and study before the world came in to see for themselves. Hemerocallis are called daylilies because each solitary flower only lives about that long, a day or so. And though I don't promote the use of invasive plants, assuming this is in fact H. fulva, with a nice backdrop of Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) and a great shot of morning sun I couldn't help but marvel. It reminded me of a long driveway growing up that was lined with them, halfway down the road to the ocean from my parents house. Sun dazed I would stop and stare, thinking occasionally about running down the driveway as fast as I could, with fleeting orange explosions as my runway, to eventually discover the mysterious house that waiting somewhere around the bend. ...I would reposition my slipping beach towel and surfboard and continue on.

I had my moment of zen and got busy, for the weeds are growing like wild fire this year!

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