Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Out on the island this weekend we got to see my little niece Ea and celebrate Father's Day with the whole fam. Already in the 2's Ea is a walking talking machine! Growing like a weed we are all as captivated as ever. Here are a few shots of my little fave before Grandpa Richie's killer Sunday feast.

So quick to laugh and so cute. Whenever there was a silence Ea would chime in and direct the gang as she already knows how to do all too well. "Everybody clap!", she'd exclaim and the bunch of us would instantly burst into applause. Then it was "Everybody laugh!" and the hilarity would continue. By the time we got to "Everybody clap and laugh!" it was pure silliness.

Totally psyched when Grammie Sue is around.
to dig into Grandpa's insanely delish eggplant parmigiana! And that was just the appetizer. By the time dad broke out the unbelievable vitello con piselli (veal with peas) we were in no place to be photographed. Ah, gotta love holidays with loving family!

A Happy Father's Day to Gian Carlo and Richie and all the other great pops out there.

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