Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reggae for a mellow summer mood

Hot day in New York City, and it's only the third day of June. Summer is on. Gonna be a scortcha! Walking home the Queens boys had their chrome windows down and their stereos blasting. Got too much sun in the garden today but a cola on ice powered me home. Time to open the windows and pray for a stray breeze to blow down the Avenue. Dig out the mellow LPs for the evening session, Dos Equis and lime and couch time. One fave, the righteous "Curly Locks" courtesy of Junior Byles. As McB would say, can we drop it back into second gear? Oh hell yeah. Stay cool daddy-o.

and major thanks to Mrrk for his youtube LP videos from across the pond in London, UK. Fabulous.

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